Download Clash Royale for Android – 2022

If you want to download Clash Royale on Android, please take a look at this page because finally Clash Royale is going to be released on Android globally! With over 100 Millions downloads and over 35 Millions review, this game is a global eSport game with prizes. Download Clash Royale for Android now and see for yourself.

Download Clash Royale for Android - 2022
Download Clash Royale for Android – 2022

Clash Royale is a new real time multiplayer card game from Supercell which contains all Clash troops (Barbarian, Archer, Witch, Minion, Giant,…) and much more new characters (Musketeer, Prince, Baby Dragon,…). In this game, you can collect dozens of cards and upgrade them. There are 3 types of cards in total: Spell, Building and Troop. By destroying the enemy Towers and King’s Tower, you can win the Trophies and Crowns. The Clan system is also pretty amazing since you can chat with other players, share cards, request cards, replays, discuss about strategies and lots of more activities.

Clash Royale Android and iOS Gameplay (Version 3.2872) Features

  • Collect Chests and unlock then for Rewards such as Gold, Cards,…
  • Earn Crowns by destroying opponent’s Towers. You can use the Crowns to unlock the Crown Chests for lots of powerful Cards.
  • Easily collect and upgrade your current Cards by finding a good Clan in game.
  • Design your own outstanding Card Battle Deck with 8 cards in total and defeat every opponent you want.
  • Easily challenge your friends and Clanmates by inviting them to a private battle.
  • Learn lots of strategies by watching top layers on TV Royale.

Some Screenshots of Clash Royale Android

Supercell has just announced today that this game is gonna be published on both Android and iOS globally this March. Let’s wait and see how outstanding it is. I am pretty sure, once the Clash Royale Android is released, It is going to be one of the best games ever! Please bookmark this page because I will try my best to update everything about it as soon as possible. Also, the download link for the be apk file will be released on this page soon!

Download Clash Royale Android

Current version: v3.2872

The latest version just release June 29, 2022, Supercell has soft launched Clash Royale on Android in these countries: Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and New Zealand. If you are from one of these countries, you can easily download it by visiting this page:

Otherwise, If you are not from one of those countries, you can still download and play Clash Royale on Android by tapping on the Download Button below. Enjoy my friends!

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