Golem Deck That Cracks Down The New Meta

golem deck clash royale

Clash Royale Golem Deck

Tired of the meta decks? This off-meta Golem Decks will make your Clash Royale day!

The current meta is flooded with easy-to-play cards.

2.6 Hog Cycle has been around for quite some time, but it is still viable. Then we have decks like Ice Bow and BattleRam Bridgespam, which have their own place in the game. Lastly, we have the infamous Elixir Golem/NW beatdown, which is one of the most difficult decks to counter even with the right cards and the +4 elixir.

In the middle of all this, why a Golem deck?

It does provide the best elixir to health ratio, and the max level Golem has more health than the King Tower.

But there’s just so many counters to it! Inferno Tower, Bomb Tower, Goblin Cage, Inferno Dragon, Tesla, PEKKA, Mini PEKKA, Hunter, and Lumberjack – all of them are hard counters to the Golem.

Back in the day, Golem was one of the most used win conditions. There was even a Golem Three Musketeers deck going around, and it was REALLY overpowered. However, alternative win conditions like Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel, Ram Rider, and the Elixir Golem slowly pushed the big boy out of the Arena.

That being said, it is perhaps time for this elegant card to make a comeback in the game.
The Deck consists of the following cards:

Clash Royale Electro DragonClash Royale Night WitchClash Royale TeslaClash Royale Golem
Clash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale The LogClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Bomber

Card Breakdown

Clash Royale Electro Dragon

Electro Dragon

There’s no question about it, this card is essential to this deck. Inferno Towers are rampant in the arena (despite being unable to counter Elixir Golems) and they are the biggest threats to your 20 elixir push.

On offense, use the E-Drag to reset the charged up Inferno Dragon/Tower. An added bonus is that it can hit up to three targets which makes resetting Infernos easier. The lightning chain travels around 3.5 tiles to the next target.

Most people would argue that E-wiz is better, but I disagree. The E-Drag has three positive points over the Electro Wizard – it can hit up to three troops, it is flying and it cannot be taken out by a single fireball. It also counters a Minion Horde by itself and thus is quite useful on offense.

On Defense, use it to control swarms, counter Balloons and reset charges of troops like Prince, Dark Prince, Ram Rider, Battle Ram, etc. Moreover, it is safe from damage as it flies and doesn’t die to Fireball.

Possible Replacement: Electro Wizard

Clash Royale Night Witch

Night Witch

Due to her recent buff (4 bats after death), the Night Witch has made a re-entry into the meta.

She’s great at dealing out damage, and can also counter many cards like Valkyrie, Lumberjack, Hog Rider, Wizard etc.

On offense, she’s going to be the high DPS unit who kills your opponent’s tank killers like Mini PEKKA, Hunter, and even the big momma PEKKA. She can take two hits from both of the PEKKAs. Her bats do insane damage if ignored, and she has the possibility to kill things even after she’s killed (due to the death spawn).

On defense, she shines as a tank killer, a high DPS unit, and a very good distraction unit. Night Witch can take out Valkyrie, Giant Skeleton (yes), Royal Giant, Giant, and even counter Royal Hogs decently. She deals well with Mega Knight and Bandit too.

Possible replacement: None. Maybe Witch, but their roles are different.

Clash Royale Tesla


When you’re running a beatdown deck, you need to make sure you have a good defense. Tesla is a very unique card that is essential here. It is immune to spell damage while hidden, it has decent damage and it is comparatively cheap. It synergizes VERY well with the E-Drag and the Night Witch, and deals damage consistently.
You can also use it with the Goblin Gang to buy some more time.

For this deck, you absolutely need to protect Tesla. It’s okay if the Night Witch dies on defense but it is NOT okay when Tesla is destroyed. This is the rock of your defense and you need to defend it well.

Possible replacements: Inferno Tower, but don’t swap it out if possible.

Clash Royale Golem


No explanation needed. Just don’t show the big guy before 2x elixir, as that’s when the deck shines.

Put it in the back, behind the King Tower, and raise Cain by supporting it with the E-Drag and the Night Witch.

Never send the Golem alone, and don’t use it on defense.

This card is the only tanky troop you have.

It is not to be used in the Tank-n-Spank combo because a. it is very expensive and b. you’ll have to cycle back to it because a solo E-Drag is not much of a threat.

Clash Royale Goblin Gang

Goblin Gang

Low Elixir cost, insane damage value, swarming all and leaving none.
The Goblin Gang is best used as a defensive card in this deck.

Use it to counter Hogs, Bandits, Knights, Elite Barbarians (yes), Giant Skeletons, Dark Prince, Lumberjack, momma PEKKA, Mini PEKKA, Rascals, Prince… ANYTHING!

Even Minions and Balloon can be countered.

For the Balloon, place it reactively at the bridge and the Spear Goblins will clean it up.

However, do not hesitate to use the Goblin Gang on offense if the opponent is out of elixir. It does insane damage if ignored; it’s essentially a cheap punishment like Goblin Barrel.

Possible replacement: Cheap Swarms like Skeleton Army, Guards, Goblins, Tombstone.

Clash Royale The Log

The Log

Counters low elixir swarms like Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel, Princess, Guards, etc. and with a positive elixir trade. It can also push back ALL ground troops in the game and is thus a good value card.

Possible replacements: Zap, Earthquake, Arrows*

*Use it according to your playstyle. If you feel like there’s too many Infernos or Minion Hordes, feel free to use Zap. If you see too many Spawners, use Earthquake. If there are too many fireworks in the arena, use Arrows 🙂

Clash Royale Ice Spirit

Ice Spirit

A good cycle card. Can counter a lone Musketeer (place it plop in front of her) or a Baby Dragon (place it in the middle).

It cycles your deck very quickly and buys more time for your Tesla to deal damage.

In a pinch it can also be used to reset the charge of the Infernos or help the E-Drag to kill off the Minion Horde.

Really great value, good utility.

Possible replacements: Heal Spirit, Ice Golem.

Clash Royale Bomber

8. Bomber

Has a good health-damage ratio. Used best on defense and then converting to quick offense.

He can take a hit from a Lumberjack, Rascals, Wizard, Firecracker and so on. The Bomber is good at countering Graveyard, Giant Skeletons, Elite Barbarians (yes) and Valkyries.

Place him slightly to the middle and you’ll be golden.

With the help of the Night Witch and the Tesla, nothing will reach your tower.

No possible replacements. You need this one.

Golem Deck Gameplay

2.59 to 1.30

Do not put down the Golem AT ANY COST. Keep putting Teslas in the middle and Night Witch/E-Drag/Bomber at the back.

Split the Goblin Gang and support the weaker side with Ice Spirit.

It’s okay if your tower loses ~1000 hp, you’ll get it back. Don’t overcommit on offence but do your defence well. Try not to lose a tower.

1:30 to 1:00

Get ready for a big push.

The strong point of this deck is that it’s easy to build a great push that will take down towers.

The Golem should be in your cycle, along with the Night Witch and E-Drag.

Bomber may or not be, but Goblin Gang must be the ‘Next:’ card or in the cycle. That’s because you’ll have little elixir to defend with after you put down a Golem but your opponent will mostly be full.

I try to keep a Tesla on the field during this time but that’s optional. Don’t use the Night Witch for defense now, try the Bomber and Gob-Gang with Tesla.

0.59 to Overtime

Place the Golem at the back the moment 2x hits. Wait until you’re at 9 elixir, but don’t forget to defend the other side.

The Golem will be at your tower when you’ll have 9 Elixir, so drop the Night Witch at the very back so she can spawn more bats. However, don’t drop the E-Drag yet.

If you know they have an Inferno ready, you need the E-Drag at the bridge.

Its chain lighting will stun the Inferno while buying time for the Night Witch.

Place the E-Drag over the bridge at the instant Golem crosses the bridge. You should now have Log in your cycle. Keep it ready for swarms, and feel free to BM emotes 🙂


Don’t go for the win, look for losing minimum health on your towers.

If you both have a tower each, put the Golem in the pocket followed by Ice Spirit and keep on defending.

This deck actually sucks in overtime as there’s no heavy spell for damage, but on the upside, you have a VERY good defense.


I’ll describe the archetype of the deck and how you should play.

Beatdown: Depends on the opponent’s win-con. If it’s an Elixir Golem, your most important card is Electro Dragon. Defend and translate into an attack. If it’s a Golem, no pressure, use the Tesla and the NW + Bomber to take care of it. Giant? No Problem. Royal Giant? All in a day’s work.

Comparatively easy matchup.

Ice Bow: You dead.

Bridge spam: You’ll be able to kill off their PEKKA, but the Magic Archer and Tornado is trouble for you. Try to capitalize on their mistakes. Remember that this is a tough matchup and you should try to outcycle their Magic Archer.

Spawner: Use Bomber as the primary defense and Log to clear Goblins/Fire Spirits. This is a good matchup for you since E-Drag and Bomber together deny spawners well.

Control: If they have Spark-Nado, you’re okay. The Electro Dragon flies and is immune to the Sparky. Plus, the Golem can take a hit or two, and Spark-Nado is 9 elixir.
This deck is great against Log Bait, Spawners, 2x Prince, 2.6 Hog Cycle, and even Goblin Giant decks. Counter everything with NW/Bomber + Tesla, keep your Log for the Goblin Barrel and NOT the Princess.

Splashyard: Huh, surprise me.
Graveyard counters? Check. Bowler/Wizard counter? Check. Defensive building? Check. Nothing should go wrong.


So that’s it, guys. I used this deck all the way from 4k to 6k and it’s great. Focus on upgrading your Golem, Night Witch, and Tesla. They are the key cards.

Questions? Ask me in the comments.