RG Fisherman Best Clash Royale Deck for Global Tournament


Hey Royale Clashers! I’m Krux here, back again with some fresh air and a new deck guide for Clash Royale. We are almost in the mid of the Season 14 Prepare for War and the Global Tournament has just started. We all want to climb up the tournament with as much as possible wins. There are also win rewards, we don’t want to miss those. Here is a Clash Royale deck strategy which you can use to grind in the tournament.

Balloon Fisherman Clash Royale Deck for Global Tournament

Clash Royale Royal GiantClash Royale HunterClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale fireball

Heal SpiritfishermanClash Royale Barbarian BarrelClash Royale Skeleton

This Clash Royale deck with an average elixir cost of 3.1 is one of the best decks which can be used to dominate the Season 14 Global tournament. Let’s get started.

Deck Cards

  • Royal Giant: This common card is the only heavy elixir card in the deck. Royal Giant is our win condition.
  • Hunter: Hunter is our defence for air attacks mainly and also for ground troops if it gets overwhelming.
  • Electro Wizard: Our another defence card in the Clash Royale Deck. Will be played to defend air attacks and electrocute enemies while the tower takes them out.
  • Fireball: The pump response in the deck and splash defence or offence depending on the opponent’s deck.
  • Heal Spirit: The yellow friend will be used to cycle and wisely to keep our defence alive.
  • Fisherman: Our troop which will stay behind all the game. Major defence along with Hunter.
  • Barbarian Barrel: We will use the Barrel to clear ground splashes used by the opponent on our offence and pushes.
  • Skeletons: Easy bait and cycle card. Also goes well with Fisherman to take out tanks.

Deck Strategy

Start: The first thing that we should do is wait for the opponent to make a move. We all know this but more emphasizing in this deck as we have some cards which are not meant to be placed as the first placement or investment of elixir. Do not use Hunter or Fisherman in the back if they are in your starting hand. Hunter is our main air defence and Fisherman is used in what he does best. You can get punished for such tomfoolery. If the arena is quiet for more than five seconds, you can start with the Heal Spirit. Let it go and jump into their tower. Or just place Electro Wizard at the back.

Defending: After this, when you opponent tries to attack, use the Fisherman in the middle of the arena. The Fisherman right in front of your King tower pulls the main tank of your opponent’s offence. Put the Electro Wizard on the other side of the attack to slow them down and keep the Fisherman alive. Electro Wizard is recommended when the push is mostly ground-based like a Prince or Valkyrie. Alternatively, put the Hunter if you are under air attack with Balloon or Lava Hound. Both these are synergy cards for Fisherman and defends well. Keep the Barbarian Barrel under your finger in case they try to send some green Goblins or Princess as the support to their attack. This is the defend cycle of this Clash Royale deck.


Mid-game Counter Push: Watch your Fisherman and Hunter take the enemies out while you build on elixir. As soon as you hit 6 on the elixir scale, drop the heavy guy with the cannon on the arena. Place the Royal Giant at the bridge. The Electro Wizard or Hunter will be the support for our Counter Push. When the Royal Giant starts cannoning their tower, your opponent will place their defence. Keep your Barrel handy in case of Skeleton Army or any other ground swarm and if they place any other card, Fireball at the right place which damages their tower too. Keep in mind that it should be at least a neutral Elixir trade. At the end of this fast-paced gameplay, you should end up with a good deal of damage on the opponent’s tower.


Post-attack cycle game: The attack cycle ends and you should be ready again with your Fisherman or Electro Wizard to defend a push. The Heal Spirit comes in use to cycle the deck and also use it while defending to make your Electro Wizard and Fisherman regain the lost health to keep fighting. That is the right time to send that yellow friend jumping on the arena. It can be used to keep the Counter Push alive for a little longer too if the opponent fails to defend. One more Royal Giant cannon on their tower is pretty good damage.
The Heal spirit can be replaced with Zap if you are not good at using it at the right times or don’t know when to cycle.

One or two cycles of this Clash Royale Deck should be good to take out the opponent’s tower. Do not greedily place the Royal Giant again on the other tower. This makes our deck out of the cycle and can be very harmful. So just focus on defending until the time runs out.

This was all about the Clash Royale Deck for Season 14 Global Tournament. I hope you get some good wins using this deck. Use the comment section to tell which Clash Royale Deck is working for you in the Tournament. Stay tuned with Clash World for new guides. Join our Discord for latest news and article pings. Clash On!