Graveyard Mega Knight Deck

Graveyard Mega knight deck
Hi there! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with cold January wind and a new deck guide. Graveyard is not always in the trend but it can work wonders. We saw the Giant Graveyard Deck a few days ago. If you are looking to learn another Graveyard deck, the Graveyard Mega Knight deck is here!

Graveyard Mega Knight Deck

Clash Royale GraveyardClash Royale FreezeClash Royale Mega KnightClash Royale Goblin Hut

Clash Royale WitchClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale GuardsClash Royale Inferno Dragoncopy deck

Use the above link to directly copy the Graveyard Mega Knight deck into your game.

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  • Graveyard: Win-condition of our deck. A well-timed Graveyard can bring that tower down.
  • Freeze: Freeze goes well along with Graveyard and the Inferno dragon.
  • Mega Knight: You know this. To crush the enemy’s push in one go.
  • Goblin Hut: The defensive building which will annoy the hell out of the opponents.
  • Witch: Witch is a good defense and support card with her skeleton spawns.
  • Arrows: Anti-air spell to clear the way for our Graveyard.
  • Guards: The 3-elixir tiny friends are here to stop Mini Pekkas and Princes.
  • Inferno Dragon: Our anti-air system and to burn enemy tanks to the ground.

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The Graveyard Mega Knight deck with an average elixir cost of 4.5 and card cycle of 14 is a new deck to dominate ladder. It has a good attack and a godly defence. The free-to-play score is mediocre for the Graveyard Mega Knight deck as it has 3 legendary cards and 3 epics. You need to have these at good level.Graveyard Mega knight deck

Opening: We won’t be going in first with our Graveyard Mega Knight deck and we will wait for our opponent to make the first move. We won’t put our Graveyard in the first minute of the game. If you get bored, we can start with the Goblin Hut in the middle of the arena.

GY MK 2We will never bridge spam anything with this deck. That would be the recipe to lose the match as this is not a fast cycle deck. We will start with the Witch at the back. After the Witch, we will see the enemy’s defence and react accordingly. We can use our Mega Knight if the enemy uses a tank or more than one troop. Don’t hesitate to use the Arrows on goblins or Princess, just make sure you damage the tower with it too.  After these steps, keep Graveyard handy. Once the enemy’s defence is down and our Witch and Mega Knight are alive, place the Graveyard on the enemy’s Princess tower. Also be ready to freeze the tower along with the defence cards they place. Be careful not to overcommit with all this. If our Mega Knight or Witch is not alive, do not place the Graveayard.

Mid-game: Either our first push has vandalized the enemy tower somewhat or we have defended with our Witch or MK. We will still continue with the same strategy till we are into the double elixir. Once we are into the double elixir, we will place the Witch at the back. When she just ahead of the Princess tower, we will put a Mega Knight at the bridge. Or the Mega Knight can be paired with the Inferno dragon also. Use according to the opponent’s moves. If the enemy places a tank (Pekka or Golem), we will use Inferno dragon in the back.


It should lock on the tank, use arrows if the opponent uses something to divert the Inferno Dragon. Successfully defending, we will use the Graveyard on their tower. Our Mega Knight or Inferno dragon should be alive. We will use freeze on the enemy tower and defence. Again, only if we have our support cards alive. Either the Graveyard or the Inferno dragon with the Freeze spell will get us good damage.

Endgame: After successfully defending, it’s time to attack on their tower with our army again. In essence, the core idea behind this GraveyardMega Knight deck is to set-up our Goblin Huts, defend with Witch and Guards, and once you have enough elixir advantage do an all-out Graveyard push or Inferno dragon+Freeze push. A successful attack with this combination should get us a smile on our face. And a crown in the game.

Try the new Graveyard Mega Knight deck and tell us on our Discord how you like it. Stay tuned with us for more deck guides, royale news, and other interesting articles. Clash On!