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Hey Clashers! It’s Krux here and I am back again with some cool breeze and a new Clash Royale guide. We are well into the Clash Royale Season 16 called Shocktober. As we all know, two new cards are introduced in this season, viz., Electro Giant and Electro Spirit. Both the cards are unlocked by playing a challenge. Electro Giant challenge has already gone and today starts the Electro Spirit challenge. Unlock it and start using it! To see some tips for the challenge, read Electro Spirit Challenge Guide and Decks.

In this guide, we will take a look at how to use the latest card in Clash Royale. The introduction has been covered in the Electro Spirit 101. Let’s get started!

Electro Spirit Data

Electro spirit is similar to other spirit cards in Clash Royale. It has the same health as an Ice Spirit and Heal spirit. The damage is different for both with Electro Spirit’s being slightly lower. Another interesting difference is that Electro Spirit does not splash like the others, it chains through the enemies like the Electro Dragon. And well, it electrocutes nine enemies in a line. The range is 2.5 tile for Electro Spirit which is the same for all Spirits.

How to Use the Electro Spirit

Electro Spirit can be used to counter many attacks and light pushes by your opponent. We need to be careful not to waste it as it is feeble in health.

Best ways


Defending Swarms: Electro Spirit can be used to counter swarms like Skeleton Army, Bats, Skeleton Barrel etc. It chains onto nine enemies and the skeleton Army has 15 skeletons. You have to put it a bit away so that your Princess Tower takes some of the skeletons out and the rest is taken care by the Electro Spirit. It can be used against Goblins but only if the Goblins target on another troop because 3 spear goblins kill the Electro Spirit before it jumps onto them.

electro spirit

Defending troops: Electro Spirit can be a feasible counter to some cards such as Night Witch, Electro Dragon etc. Electro Dragon case is interesting as Electro Dragon has a 3.5 tile range for the attack which is greater than our blue tiny friend but Electro Dragon’s speed is slower and the Electro Spirit always jumps before it attacks. Electro Spirit can also be used to diminish the damage from troops like Hunter, Royal Delivery etc. You have to place it in the middle of the arena and enemies will divert and get stunned by it and then move onto the Tower and die. This way you can use it on Musketeer, Magic Archer, Archers and Goblin Gang but will only reduce the damage taken and still these will get one hit on your tower. The placement is the same as the Ice Spirit.

Supporting Pushes: The tiny blue ball of electricity can be used as a support card in a push. When you build a push with a tank card like Giant or Royal Giant, you can use the Electro Spirit as you use the Heal Spirit. It is better in cases where the opponent has Inferno Tower. It will connect to the Tower, breaking its lave laser and your tank takes it out. Think of it like a Zap if you want to. But it costs less than Zap and can take out swarms if the opponent places them for the tank.

Good Use: 

  • Using the Electro Spirit to stop an Inferno Dragon from damaging your tower by placing the Electro Spirit in the middle.
  • Use the Electro Spirit at the right on a Golem Night Witch push once there are a lot of bats behind the Golem. This will clear out the bats and you are saved from that annoying high damage per second.
  • Pairing with a big push, stunning the Inferno Tower or the Inferno Dragon or the Sparky that your opponent placed to defend themselves. A good day for you!
  • Using the Electro Spirit to stop a Goblin Barrel with the perfect timing that it stuns the goblins when they land, not later, not before. Just placed on time and it jumps right when the goblins land. Hard to master but handy if you don’t have Zap or Arrows in your deck.

Bad Use:

  • Using Electro Spirit to defend your Princess Tower from a Graveyard. It will make you a sad panda because it will jump and kill the skeletons but more skeletons will spawn and deal a good amount of damage if you did not stop it with something effectively. You can only reduce the damage by timing the Electro Spirit correct.
  • Placing an Electro Spirit right beside a Wizard and wasted. Wizard has a good attack speed and it starts attacking just when he sees the blue ball.
  • The worst you can do is to think that Electro Spirit is another 1-elixir card and you use it to cycle. You place it behind the King Tower and let it go alone, treading into the red arena on its own. You opponent has to place just one troop or skeletons behind their electrePrincess Tower and Boom! King Tower Activated!This works all the time. You one misplaced Electro Spirit or angrily Bridge spammed to cycle can be used by your opponent to activate their King tower. So don’t do this. And if the opponent makes such folly, don’t forget to reap off the gain.

So this was all about using the new card in Clash Royale. I hope you unlock it and have a good time electrocuting enemies. ⚡
Stay tuned with us for the latest Clash Royale guides, tips, and decks. Clash On!