Master the Deck… Bridge Spam Challenge


The current challenge in Clash Royale is Master the Deck…Bridge Spam. So if you are a bridge spammer already, this is for you

Not the P.E.K.K.A. Bridge Spammers, you don’t have PEKKA in the cards in this challenge.

Master the Deck... Bridge Spam Challenge

Hey guys! Krux is back again with some fresh air and another guide on Clash Royale. The new season called Prepare for War has started and we are four days into it now.

It is the 14th season in the game and it brings some new features to it.

As the name says, Prepare for War, there are special challenges in the game every four days to make us learn some typical decks of the game.

Clan Wars II is coming this month and all this learning will help in it. So let’s start.

Master the Deck… Bridge Spam Challenge Deck

Clash Royale Ram RiderClash Royale Barbarian HutClash Royale fireballClash Royale Musketeer
Clash Royale Barbarian BarrelClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale Lumberjack

The current challenge in Clash Royale is Master the Deck…Bridge Spam. So if you are a bridge spammer already, this is for you

Not the Pekka Bridge Spammers, you don’t have PEKKA in the cards in this challenge.


  • Ram Rider: We have our ram riding girl with us which is our win condition. It damages your opponent’s tower hugely if connected. It is also a punishment for them if they played a stupid big tank first. On top of this, it will make them use their Zap or Snowball if they didn’t stop it in time. Bait for small spells like this.
  • Barbarian Hut: Barb Hut is an investment of elixir card for us. Also, bait for their Fireball or Lightening. It comes as a strong Defense in bridge spam games.
  • Fireball: Response to their army of troops near the tower. The only splash spell in our deck.
  • Musketeer: Our defence play who will support our pushes and troops fighting with the enemy. Also our air-defence for Balloons, Dragons etc.
  • Barbarian Barrel: Barb Barrel is a low-damage as well as low elixir card. The second spell in the deck. A cycle card and also good for defending against ground swarms.
  • Skeletons: The three tiny friends are the lowest elixir card to cycle our deck fast and amazing defence when used properly.
  • Baby Dragon: A versatile winged threat. Counter for air and ground swarms. Used for defending against opponent’s bridge spams.
  • Lumberjack: Our second Bridge Spam card. Deal very good damage if gets connected to tower. We will try to do this to the maximum.


The game starts. You wait. Five seconds pass. You wait for your opponent to make the first move. This will be the strategy most of the time.

We will wait for the first 5 to 10 seconds because as the name says, this is the Bridge Spam Challenge. And if you placed a troop in the back as you do always chillingly, they can punish you with a running building chasing irritator.

After the wait, if they don’t make a move, but the skeletons as a cycle.

You can also start with the Musketeer in the back of your Princess tower if you don’t have skeletons in the cycle.

Don’t play the Lumberjack or the Ram Rider as the first card. Never think that you will make them sad with a Ram Rider charging to their tower. They will defend it easily and also counter push making you pour out elixir. It also makes our bridge spam cards go out of the cycle. We need them at the right time.

If your opponent starts with a spam card like Ram Rider or Battle Ram, place the Barbarian Hut in the middle of the arena.

Accordingly, place your Baby Dragon or Musketeer if they send some air attack or mini-tank behind.

This will stop their attack as well as push with the barbarians spawning from the Barbarian Hut.

Defence 1

At this point of the game when your spawned Barbarians are pushing with your Dragon or Musketeer as support, send the brown girl on a sheep near the bridge ahead of the support troops. This is our attack on their tower.

After placing your bridge spam card, you should have your Barbarian Barrel in the cycle.

Be ready to drop it on time when your opponent tries to stop the Ram Rider with Skeleton Army or Witch. The barrel will take care of this and your spam connects.

If your opponent sends a fast ground spam-like Battle Ram, use your Lumberjack to get rid of it with the Hut standing in the middle.

When your lumberjack counter pushes, send your Dragon to keep it alive and make it connect to the opponent’s tower. This is how we will keep on defending and counter pushing. Our Fireball will come handy at this time when your opponent will place troops at once to stop your counter push. Just burn them with that red ball.

counter push

Also, if your opponent sends a Ram Rider and you don’t have the hut or your elixir is low, place your Ram Rider. Yes, Ram Rider vs Ram Rider and it will negate their Ram Rider. If you did not know this, Ram Rider is a counter to itself.

We need one or maximum two successful cycles of this bridge spam to take the opponent’s tower.

Once you do it, just play defensive by cycling the Barb Hut again and again till the time runs out.

Do not over-commit or try to spam their other tower greedily. It may cost you a tower and the game goes into Overtime which we want to avoid.

I hope you get some good wins using the deck in the challenge. Use the comment section to tell if this deck made you win or some another deck which you used to get the 9 wins in the Bridge Spam Challenge. Clash On!