Clash Royale Chest Cycle – How The Chests Drop (Updated June 2017)

Every single chest you get after the battle in game is based on the Clash Royale Chest Cycle. Because I have been receiving loads of questions relating to this topic lately, today, I am going to you the whole chest order in Clash Royale.

So many players suggested it was about 1% for Magical Chest, 25% for Gold Chest and 74% for Silver Chest. That’s a good theory but not how the game runs.

Clash Royale Chest Cycle

How do the Chests drop in Clash Royale? They are based on the Chest Cycle!

Basically there is a chest drop order (or chest cycle) in game. Every Chest that you get after the battle is based on this order.

When this cycle goes through, it will restart again.

By digging the game files, Asdamp has found the Clash Royale chest order list.

Small note:

  • You will always get 6 Wooden Chests at the beginning, during the Training Camp.
  • The chest cycle will stop If you don’t have any chest slot available.
  • This is the latest pattern, updated on 19th April 2017.
Click here to see Clash Royale Chest Cycle

This list contains 240 Chests in total, there are 52 Gold Chests, 4 Giant Chests and 4 Magical Chests in the list.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chest Cycle

What about the Legendary Chest?

Shared by iMix-

  • You have the chance to get this chest once you hit 2000 trophies.
  • Below Arena 9, you are guaranteed a Legendary Chest in every 2 periods (yes, the drop order/circle above).
  • In Arena 9, you are guaranteed a Legendary Ches in every chest period.

This chest randomly replaces a chest in the Clash Royale Chest Cycle.

If you bounce between Arenas, your Legendary chest drop rate is still one per 2 cycles. You need to stay in Arena 9 during the entire cycle to get one chest every cycle.

Read more about this at here.

How about the Super Magical Chest?

super magical chestOnce the Super Magical Chest (SMC) dropped, it will replace 1 chest in the chest drop cycle above.

The SMC doesn’t drop randomly. You get 1 SMC in every 500-chest drop.

For more details, please take a look at the Super Magical Chest page.

What If I don’t have any open chest slot?

Don’t worry, you won’t miss any chest. The chest drop cycle will pause If your chest slots are full.

This means, you can’t just simply do matches with fulfilled slots in order to get the Magical Chest or Giant Chest. You just can’t bypass the next chest in the cycle. You will always get it no matter what.

Track down the Clash Royale Chest Cycle with Chest Tracker App

I believe that a lot of people here have already heard about this app but I still want to mention this in this page because of how useful it is.

The good side of using this app is it’s a native app. Which means all you need to do is just to open it after installing to track down your Clash Royale chest cycle from scratch.

tracker for chest cycle

If you are new to Clash Rooyale, this is a review for you

Hope you have found this small article helpful!

If you have any question about the chest cycle (or chest drop order) in Clash Royale, don’t hesitate to comment!