Hybrid Mineyard Deck for Challenges/Tournaments

miner graveyard deck

What’s up guys, it’s Norbysweg again! After a pretty long time of testing and researching the new meta, I came to a very unpleasant conclusion, if you don’t have Night Witch or Executioner in your deck, you’re good as nothing. You see, I don’t agree with that.

I have to say I’ve came to a mastery with this deck. You can learn more about how to master a deck at here.

miner graveyard deck

Hybrid Mineyard Deck

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale The Log
Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale ArchersClash Royale PoisonClash Royale Inferno Tower

miner graveyard analytics

Also I’m planning on using this deck at the next Clash.World Tourney! Are you interested? Then let’s get into the guide!

Cards Breakdown

Miner – This boy is something you want to use to ultimately counter those Elixir pumps, and if you’re one of mine that hates Golem decks, then you must love this card. He is cheap, fast, surprising, skill-based and extremely good in the current meta. Combined with Poison, it counters the all-time hated Night Witch. I must say, he is just perfect for the current meta, especially paired with the Graveyard which is broken in Challenges.

Graveyard – Your secondary win condition, almost everytime you’ll use it with the Miner for heavy punishment on your opponent. As soon as they drop their Golem, immediately push the other side, since Golem decks have expensive cards that aren’t necesarily hard counters to Graveyard. If you find yourself low on Elixir, and Ice Spirit+Graveyard will do.

Electro Wizard – He’s just a great, fast, half splash support unit, great against Night Witch, and great paired up wth Miner or Graveyard. A beast on defense, paired up with Archers, Inferno Tower, Ice Spirit. Just a card that you must use in a deck like this.

Archers – Remember Tag’s Furnace GY deck? Well, Archers and E-Wiz combined used to destroy every push. I enjoyed that deck for a while, and I must say, I’m still with my mind at that excelent defense that these two cards used to offer. Also they do a great opening move, split at the back.

Ice Spirit – We all know the Ice Spirit for the ability to tank a little bit. Well, that ability can be used both with Miner and Graveyard, to get more damage onto the enemy’s tower. It also serves extremely well on defense, so no comment from me. Also since this deck doesn’t do well with two tanks, I chose the Ice Spirit as a half-tank, and also as a cheap cycle card.

Inferno Tower – Furnace nerfed, Barb Hut helps Night Witch spawn more bats, Tombstone is too weak to Poison, as the other cards in this deck, so the only valid option would be the Inferno Tower, known for its incredible stopping power and stability against Hogs, Giants, Golems and all that.

Poison – You’ll see why, when you matchup against a NW Mirror Clone Rage deck. Also Brutal with both Miner and Graveyard

Log – I believe still one of the best spells in the game, you can change it for Arrows if you think so. More details about The Log at here!

Deck Strategy & Battle Plan

3.00 – 2.30

Okay, so in this period you just have to check on your opponent, cycle, and counter their moves.

  • Example 1: Your opponent splits Archers in the back, your best option is to split Archers too.
  • Example 2: Your opponent places a Pump in the back, your best move is to send a lone Miner on an uncommon placement.
    Note: Do not Miner-Poison yet, only after he counters with something Poisonable. You might predict that later in the game.
  • Example 3: Your opponent puts a Pekka in the back, this time you must take your chance and go aggressively on the other side with Miner+Graveyard.

2.30 – 1.00

Defense – Offense: This is the transition you must remember, try to get most value out of your Miner Poison, and here’s where the Inner Voice comes into play.

If you’re a player that knows lots of decks, for example if he has a Pump and he counters with Goblin Gang, you might expect Three Musketeers.

An example of good value would be to wait for him to use his Goblin Gang or Knight, and then send Miner Poison onto his Pump, so he will most likely use his Minion Horde. That would be 7 for 11, plus a little chip damage.

1:00 – Finish

You must play it all passively. It’s all about control. You have one of the greatest punishing pushes in the game, so you must do everything to counter the opponent. Every move he does, you must do that one move that counters his.

In this area, you know his deck throughly, so you can keep his GY or Miner counters in mind, and get some insane value with the Poison.

If he has Minions, send a Miner Poison to bait his Minions, then immediately Ice Spirit+Graveyard. I’ll post some screenshots, so you can follow along.

Deck Matchups

From best to worst

Remember that there are three playstyles for this deck.

First is the Miner Poison Chip, second is the Miner Graveyard Poison , and third is the Graveyard Poison Chip, which is the worst idea since you don’t have a good GY tank besides the Miner. I recommend you play one of the first two, depending of your enemy’s deck.

Hog Bait – Winrate around 90%

This is the easiest matchup, though you’ll surely find some very skilled players that will cause you trouble. Think about it. You have Ewiz, Poison, Inferno Tower and Log. Their Inferno Tower is worth nothing, since your GY tank is the Miner, you have the Poison which cancels all their counters. It’s just extremely easy.

Golem – Winrate 70%

I personally hate him, but I have to say, this deck makes everything easier. You can cancel their Pumps easily, punish them equally easily (when they overcommit or do Golem in the back), and defend them not that easily, but if you manage to get them to split their cards in order to defend your push, you might defend well with the Inferno Tower.

Lavaloon – Winrate 70%

If they have a Pump, you know what to do. There are two types of Lavaloon, the one similar to Zap Bait with Minion Horde and Gob gang, or the Heavy one with Baby Drag and Mega Minion. Second is harder to defend but easier to attack, the first is easier to defend but harder to attack.

Night Witch Clone Rage – Winrate 65%

Against this deck, you must be aware of their cycle, when they have the NW or not. You must use the Poison carefully, so you will get that Night Witch in! If you aren’t that skilled with cycles (like me), you’ll just save it for defense and make positive Elixir trades.

against night witch clone

Easy defend against cloned NW + Executioner

Giant Graveyard – Winrate 50%

They have an advantage, since they have a bigger tank, but if you play smart, you might get the chance to punish and rekt them. Not every Giant GY player is smart, so don’t give up!

Hog Executioner – Winrate 50%

Although it’s pretty hard to counter, they don’t have any good Graveyard counters, it’s the same. Play smart and rekt that Executioner.

vs hog

Me changing both Executioners’ path with the Miner, while Skeletons accumulate


So… That’s it guys! I hope I covered every single piece of strategy in the means of this Deck, and I hope to see you in the tourney on Saturday!

Thanks for reading and Good Luck!