(Nearly) Spell-Less Off Meta-Deck


First off if you are looking for a meta deck stop reading this guide now.

This deck is very off-meta it has one card that is close to meta, the Battle Ram. All the other cards are off meta.

The deck has only one spell (Clone) and has many cards that are not vulnerable to spells.

This deck I believe would be considered a control deck. Its offensive capabilities are versatile but not strong but it is quite strong defensively. If your opponent responds badly to this deck you can three crown however if your opponent plays very defensively you may end in draw with no crowns.

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Does Off-Meta Deck Really Works?

Clash Royale Giant SkeletonClash Royale WitchClash Royale Battle RamClash Royale Dark Prince
Clash Royale GuardsClash Royale TeslaClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale Clone Spell

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Cards Breakdown

Giant Skeleton:  This card is one of the main cards of this Deck. If your opponent plays defensively, you may have to build a push with this card and get its bomb to the Tower. Defensively this card is best placed on top of the support units right when they cross the bridge to take their fire and either kill them itself or with its bomb.

Witch: This card is not used often but is versatile. She is your best counter to swarms, Minions/Minion Horde. She should also be used to help take down heavy tanks with her Skeletons. Offensively she is best behind Giant Skeleton, Dark Prince or the Ram. However alone if the timing works out she can do serious damage to the Tower. The best scenario with a lone Witch is for her to take Tower aggro right before she spawns a new set of Skeletons.

Battle Ram: This is the only semi-meta card in the Deck and the only building targeting troop. It should be used on offense alone if you know your opponent has no counters or with the Witch or dark Prince.

Dark Prince: This card may not be the strongest in the meta right now but it does have some strengths. Due to its shield it will survive any spell. It can keep up with the battle Ram to support it and it can push the Giant skeleton faster to the Tower.  It can be used alone or as a support. One of its best abilities is its surprise factor many enemies I have faced have dropped Skeleton Army directly on top of Dark Prince which is not effective because dark Prince does 360 degree attack while charging.

Guards: They should not be played offensively. They are best used to help take down a tank or to  surround a support. They can be used to counter Graveyard and Hog Rider. They cannot be killed using only one spell. Also to note that they have a longer reach than Valkyrie so if the are still in original formation the Valkyrie will hit only the first guard until it dies and then will attach the next two.

Tesla: This defensive card can be quite useful. It is the most versatile of the defensive buildings and one of the only two that can target air. It can pull and kill Hog Rider or Balloon with the help of the arena Tower though it will die as well. It can kill a lone Lava-hound and kill a few Lava pups before dying. It will take down all medium health support units (Musketeer, Wizard ect.) without dying. It can be place before a Royal Giant is and because it remains hidden untill Royal Giant enters range will target it and draw its fire.

Spear Goblins: This is the only card vulnerable to spells. They should be used for chip damage extra anti-air or just when you need a bit more damage.

Clone: This is the only spell in the Deck and should only be used offensively and at the right times. I will explain when you should use it later on.


Because many of these cards are epics you may not be able to level all of the equally the card most important to level up are in this order the non epics are excluded because they are easier to level:


  • Guards – Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, Goblins can be used but will be more vulnerable to spells
  • Dark Prince – Valkyrie might be better I haven’t tried. If you use her put her in front of Ram so it pushes her. You would lose ability to push Giant Skeleton.
  • Tesla– any defensive building could work. I used to use Tombstone.
  • Spear GoblinsArchers would be less vulnerable to spells and do more damage but are more expensive

When to Clone

  1. Giant skeleton reaches Tower. This is the most important time to Clone because to importance is the bomb not the troop.
  2. Battle Ram hits Tower. Cloning the Barbarians will greatly increase the damage but do not do it if they opponent has a splash counter.
  3. Witch is best cloned when there is another unit in front of her that has reached the Tower Clone her and the other unit. A lone Witch can be cloned but it is best to do so before the Tower starts shooting her so her and her clones Skeletons take all the towers fire.
  4. Dark Prince reaches Tower: do so only if you really need more damage its benefit is not that large.
  5. Spear Goblins can be cloned when they begin to attack Tower to get a bit more damage in. They are best cloned as part of a large push


This Deck should be played with a mixture of defense and offense!

Punish large Elixir expenditures of your opponent with dark Prince and Ram. Defend with a combination Guards, Tesla, Witch, Giant skeleton and/or Spear Goblins and the counter push. if necessary build a large push using Giant skeleton, Witch, and dark Prince.

Do not be afraid to Clone. I have taken a Tower with a nearly dead Witch a group of her spawned Skeletons when i cloned them. Do not expect this every time but know it can happen.

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