Clash Royale Princess – Advanced Guide, Strategies and Tips (Updated)


You just got the Princess and you want to know the best ways to use her?

Or you just lost the last match just because of the opponent’s Princess and you really want to counter this annoying girl now?

No worries! You will find everything you need to know about her in this guide!

clash royale princess

Clash Royale Princess

Clash Royale PrincessI don’t tell you my opinion; I’m telling you the facts.

In case you don’t know, Princess was very famous in many decks before Zap bait deck is coming out. You will see the sight of Princess and Ice Wizard together in Golem, Giant, Royal Giant, Hog Rider, almost any decks in Clash Royale.

From then on, Legendaries mean everything to us. Craving for legendary cards so badly, we are always hoping someday we will get either one as the legendary drop rate is incredibly low.

Legendary cards have always held a special allure. They symbolize power, prestige, and the potential to turn the tide of battle with their unique abilities. For many players, obtaining these elusive cards has been a long-standing goal, often pursued with fervor and anticipation.

Yet, as the game evolves and balance changes come into play, the significance of legendary cards has undergone a transformation. What was once a relentless pursuit for these rare gems has shifted towards a more strategic approach, where the utility and versatility of cards take precedence over rarity alone.

Take, for instance, the iconic Princess. Once revered for her ability to rain arrows from afar, she now finds herself overshadowed by the changing meta. With her slow hit speed, she struggles to fend off threats like the Elite Barbarian, even with support from spells like Freeze or Tornado. In this new landscape, players are turning to more adaptable cards that offer both defensive capabilities and support for offensive pushes.

Enter the Dart Goblin. Sharing similar health points with the Princess, this agile attacker has emerged as a formidable alternative. Specializing in chip damage, the Dart Goblin excels in creating Chip cycle decks, which capitalize on wearing down opponents over time. This strategic shift not only introduces a fresh playstyle but also opens up opportunities for innovative tactics, such as Arrow Bait decks, leveraging the expected increase in Arrow usage following the Zap nerf.

What’s intriguing is that despite the potential of Dart Goblin and Princess decks, they remain largely unexplored territory. This presents an exciting opportunity for players to pioneer new strategies and carve out their niche in the ever-evolving Clash Royale meta.

The beauty of Clash Royale lies in its adaptability. As cards rise and fall in popularity, players are constantly challenged to rethink their strategies and embrace new possibilities. In this sense, the evolution of legendary cards mirrors the broader evolution of the game itself—a testament to its enduring appeal and capacity for innovation.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself yearning for that legendary drop, perhaps it’s time to shift your perspective. Instead of chasing rarity for its own sake, consider the strategic potential of lesser-known cards like the Dart Goblin. Who knows? You might just discover a winning formula that sets you apart on the battlefield.

However, by the way, that’s the past. Nowadays, Princess is losing her glitter due to her slow hit speed. She is unable to stop an Elite Barbarian, even with the help of Freeze or Tornado. Thus, people ends up choosing more versatile cards that can perform any defense yet assist in a push.

Dart Goblin shares the same health points with Princess. They are chip damage dealers and playing well in creating a Chip cycle deck which could potentially add hidden tactics, Arrow Bait – I expect a slight uptick in Arrow’s usage soon due to the Zap nerf.

None of these Dart Goblin or Princess decks have been created so far, and it might be your chance to start one.


  • You can unlock the Princess from Arena 7.
  • Princess has very low HP but insane attack range (9 tiles), allowing her to snipe the opponent’s Tower from the opposite side.
Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Rarity Type
3 sec Medium 1 sec 9 Air & Ground 3 x1 Legendary Troop
Level HP Damage DPS
1 216 140 46
2 237 154 51
3 261 169 56
4 287 186 62
5 315 204 68
  • 23/3/2016: HP decreased by 10%.
  • 24/8/2016: Arena Damage Radius decreased by 25%


Chip Damage without Engaging into a Battle

The outstanding stats that only Princess acquired in Clash Royale is her attack range. Range distance which could out-range the towers rendered this card an Overpowered Legendary. To balance the game, she dies in one shot by Arrow and Log.

Because of it, we often hide Princess at the back of the tower and far away from the battles to allow her to make her shots safely. This way could prevent the opposition to take her down along with your troops by just using a spell card.

Pulling her out of the fights annoyed the opponent is several ways: She is weak, so does her damage and yet her little damage could change the direction of any battles in the arena.

If the opponents don’t address to Princess, you may end up allowing Princess to do chip damage to your towers later on and even worse; another Princess is summoned on the other side. Remember that deploying double Princess at the same place is not a good idea, as separated Princess may force out at least 2 cards from your enemy.

In the fast-paced world of Clash Royale, every card placement can make or break a game. Among the vast array of troops and spells at your disposal, the Princess stands out as a delicate yet potent force on the battlefield. Understanding how to utilize her effectively can turn the tide of battle in your favor. One key strategy that seasoned players often employ is keeping the Princess safely tucked away at the back of the tower, away from the chaos of frontline combat.

The reasoning behind this tactic is simple yet strategic: by positioning the Princess behind your towers, you minimize the risk of her being taken out by enemy troops or spells prematurely. Unlike other units with higher hit points and defensive capabilities, the Princess is relatively fragile. However, her ranged attack allows her to target enemy troops and buildings from a safe distance, making her a valuable asset in controlling the battlefield.

By keeping the Princess out of direct combat, you deny your opponent the opportunity to easily counter her with a single spell card. Many Clash Royale players have experienced the frustration of watching their carefully deployed troops fall victim to a well-timed Fireball or Log, wiping out both the offensive push and the Princess in one fell swoop. Placing her behind your towers forces your opponent to commit more resources or make riskier plays to reach her, disrupting their strategy and potentially giving you the upper hand.

In short, the ultimate strategy of playing a Princess like Pro is screwing up the enemy’s summoning order. It’s not that difficult to do so as long as you learn when and where to place this 3 elixir Legendary card.

Consistently Pressuring

Same as most Chip Cycle decks, Princess is useful in taking chip damage thereby pressuring the opponent. Consistently play a Princess while the enemy is running out of elixir or cheap cards like Goblins (troop) and Arrow (spell) apply pressure to the opponents as it indirectly forces them to spend their elixir.

Sometimes, you may put down a pre-emptive Princess to lure out the opposing forces before making a terrifying push. By this way, the chance of tearing down the tower would be higher than not doing so. Consequently, other Princess could show up if your deck cycle is speedy.

Here is the cycle of how you play Princess all the time in the arena:

  1. Deploy Princess on the bridge, making one or two shots to the tower.
  2. When the enemy deploys troop and building up a push later, try to stop them with a real trade.
  3. If they are using a spell to eliminate Princess, push immediately as they don’t have that spell in the rotation to enforce their defense.
  4. Try to make a counter-push by taking advantage of their offense. By the time, Princess should probably be cycled back. Drop her outside the battle to assist your team.
  5. If the first Princess still survive after the fight and another Princess is ready, drop her on the other lane for chip tower damage.

For me, I would pair up Princess with beefy, tanky units like Giant, Golem, Royal Giant, and LavaHound-Aerial combo maybe.

These troops combination will last longer in the arena and allow Princess to assault from behind because the opponents need to deal with those tank combos since they are way more threatening than a lone Princess.

clash royale princess 2

Long Range is the Best Protection

Princess is like the Sniper of Clash Royale. Long hit range gives her advantage to attack and keep her safe at the same time.

Typically, we drop Princess at the other lane so she could attack the invading troops on the opposite side. The opponent would have to cast another spell specifically for taking down the Princess rather than assist their push.

However, the downside is Princess would not distract the opposing troops since she attacks from somewhere further. Hard hitters like Mini Pekka, and Elite Barbarian still able to rush to the tower and devastate the tower very quickly.

Another way to make use of her long hit range is hiding her behind the King’s Tower, making her invincible for a while. However, this technique only applies to the scenario where none of your towers had been taken down.

Take account of Princess’ long hit range whenever you build a deck is also a great idea.

Since we all agree that we have to take out the Princess, perhaps, the best way is by using either Log or Arrow, so adds Log-able and Arrow-able troops like Skeleton Army and Goblin Barrel may create secondary win condition for your deck.

Arrow, Log, Fireball Bait

Well, a popular strategy for deck building with Zap-able troops like Minion Horde, Goblin Barrel, and Skeleton Army, baiting out the opponent’s Zap and take benefits of the moment to strike is so called Zap Bait deck.

After the Zap being nerfed, I suppose there would be Arrow-bait or Log-bait deck with Princess, Dart Goblin, Goblin Barrel, and others Log-able troops because Goblin Barrel is now immune to Zap.

Soon, we would have Goblin Gang joining the battle. This type of “Bait” cycle decks are going to grow within the arena, maybe even becoming the new Meta. I don’t think this is what Supercell want as it’ll boost the usage of Hog Rider to all time high.

Clash Royale’s Meta decks change over time, particularly when there is a balance change update. Apparently, we are heading to Arrow-Bait and Log-bait Meta decks, but gamers are creative. That means more innovative decks shall rise to balance the Bait cycle decks.

strategies and deck compositions constantly evolve with each balance change and introduction of new cards. One of the most intriguing developments in recent times has been the transition from Zap Bait decks to Arrow and Log Bait decks, reshaping the competitive landscape and challenging players to adapt to new tactics.

Zap Bait decks have long been a staple in Clash Royale, revolving around the use of cards like Minion Horde, Goblin Barrel, and Skeleton Army to bait out the opponent’s Zap spell, creating openings for devastating counter-attacks. However, with the nerf to Zap, players have begun exploring alternative strategies centered around baiting out Arrow or Log spells instead.

The rise of Arrow and Log Bait decks is characterized by the inclusion of cards such as Princess, Dart Goblin, and Goblin Gang, which are resilient to these spells and can punish opponents who rely too heavily on them for area denial. The recent immunity of Goblin Barrel to Zap further strengthens this archetype, making it a formidable force on the battlefield.

As players adapt to these new dynamics, the Clash Royale meta is undergoing a significant shift. Arrow and Log Bait decks are gaining popularity, offering a fresh take on the traditional bait strategy and forcing opponents to rethink their approach to deck building and gameplay.

However, with the emergence of these new decks comes the potential for unintended consequences. The increased usage of Arrow and Log Bait decks may inadvertently elevate the prominence of certain cards, such as the Hog Rider, which synergizes well with this archetype and can exploit openings created by baiting out opponent spells.

This evolving meta underscores the dynamic nature of Clash Royale, where innovation and adaptability are key to success. While Arrow and Log Bait decks may dominate the current landscape, players are constantly experimenting with new strategies and deck compositions, ensuring that the meta remains fluid and unpredictable.

I believe the innovative decks would have more splash units like Valkyrie, Wizards, Witch, and even Executioner. Splasher decks are completely immune to Bait decks as Bait cycle decks always build around with swarms.

Shared by Unstoppable

Complete Guide to Using Princess v2.0

Shared by IndoorBreathing88


Princess is the card that you should react to immediately otherwise you will take literally infinite damage. People usually use spells as the reliable counters because they can take her out almost immediately and also do some great damage to the Tower.

Clash Royale The LogClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale MinerClash Royale fireballClash Royale Poison

Best Counters to Princess:

  • The Log: Undoubtedly this is the best counter to Princess! However, because of this, many tanks will try to bait out The Log by using Princess so you just don’t rely on it too much!
  • Arrows: Another great counter. Same as above, watch out for spell bait cards!
  • Miner: This is a decent counter. He can take out the Princess decently and force your opponent to deploy another card to defend. Be careful with the placement by the way because your opponent could use Tornado on him.
  • Fireball: Because this is a negative Elixir trade so only use this If you can damage the Tower also.
  • PoisonIf the opponent defends your push with Princess on the same lane, don’t hesitate to Poison her, the Tower and troops nearby!

Other ‘okay’ counters to Princess

  • Mini Tanks such as Knight, Valkyrie, Lumberjack, Mega Minion, Bandit, Mini P.E.K.K.A… can effectively counter the Princess then transform into the counterpush.
  • Squishy Cards such as Skeletons, Fire Spirits, Spear Goblins: Wait until the Princess locks on something else otherwise the Princess will 1 shot them. However, these cards can be countered reactively.
  • Cheap Cards such as Goblins, Guards, Archers, Goblin Gang, Minions, Dart Goblin – These cards can take out Princess in just one tick but some can be easily taken out by The Log.
  • Other Spells such as Tornado, Lightning – Not the best but work very well.


Although Princess does little on her own, she is a very good card to support offensive push.

Some great uses of her on offense:

  • Doing Chip Damage – This is the most well-known use of the Princess. Simply drop her at the bridge to deal chip damage. This is probably one of the best opening moves.
  • Applying Pressure: Using Princess usually forces your opponent to do something to react.
  • Chipping troops or buildings -Place her on the other lane to defend or in the middle to chip away Furnace, Tombstone, Elixir Collector etc.

Behind a tank, she can successfully deal with Skeleton Army and brings Minions, Goblins, Archers HP etc down to Zapable.

Remember that you can’t do anything to stop your opponent from using spells on her. But you can use predict The Log to deal with Spear Goblins, Goblins, Skeletons, Fire Spirits etc.


Princess’s best use is on defense for sure.

I always try to place her on the opposite lane while defending to snipe away the opponent’s push. However, she doesn’t do a lot damage herself so you still want to couple her with something else.

Always use her from a distance unless you are desperate.

He is reliable at dealing with swarms and spawner decks. To prevent the opponent from using spells on her, place her near your King’s Tower on defense.

Princess can shutdown these cards effectively:

  • Goblin Gang, Spear Goblins, Goblins – She can take out Spear Goblins in just 1 shot and leaves Goblins at critical HP.
  • Minions, Minion Horde – Brings Minions to 1-shit-able HP.
  • Barbarians -By doing constant chip damage, she can take out Barbarians in just a few shots.
  • Skeleton Army – R.I.P
  • Fire Spirits – R.I.P
  • Clone: R.I.P
  • Guards – With the help from the Tower, Guards will not be a problem at all.
  • Mega Minion – Prevents Mega Minion from doing 516 damage at Tournament Standard.
  • Bomber: Unless you want to take that 271 damage at Tournament Standard.


  • Drop her at the bridge to do some chip damage at the beginning is always a great move. This forces your opponent to react immediately.
    On the other hand, If you are using a heavy deck, drop her at the back to force the opponent to make the move. Due to the long attack range, she can help you defend any push.
  • If your opponent keeps using cheap cards to counter her, consider making a predict with Zap/The Log.
  • When your Princess is alone and the opponent sends out a Miner, it’s like 99% the Miner will target your Princess. Use any small card to protect her!
  • When your opponent plays the Princess at the back, you can drop your Princess at the bridge and on the same lane. Your Princess will hit the Tower and the opponent Princess first and of course the opponent’s Princess will die first.
  • If your opponent doesn’t have any spell in his hand, use Princess behind the King’s Tower to defend. She will help your counterpush later.


This is the list of some interesting card interactions for you:

  • Arrows 7 levels higher will kill a Princess.
  • Zap 12 levels higher will kill a Princess.
  • The Log 1 level lower will kill a Princess.
  • Minions 6 levels higher will survive a Princess shot. Shared by TheeNinjaa
  • Spear Goblins 11 levels higher will survive a Princess shot.


Princess works best in these decks:

  1. Spell Bait
  2. Chip Cycle
  3. Hog Cycle

Best Princess placements

Shared by IndoorBreathing88

princess defending on the opposite lane
Princess defending on the opposite lane
Princess defending behind the Tower
Princess defending behind the Tower
princess at the bridge
Princess at the bridge
princess snipe a building at the center
Princess snipe a building at the center
princess defending in front of King's Tower
Princess defending in front of King’s Tower


There are a ton of decks using Princess effectively just because of her awesomeness but I am just mentioning one in this guide, the deck I am using right now.

The one below is one of the most popular decks at the moment.

Clash Royale BanditClash Royale PrincessClash Royale The LogClash Royale Goblin Barrel
Clash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale fireballClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Inferno Tower

This deck can easily counter Giant, Hog Rider, Golem and so many other meta win conditions. The only trouble you may find are fast cycle and Lava Hound decks.

I hoped you enjoyed this advanced princess guide on how to use her, as well as basic strategy.

Thanks for reading!