Golem – The Ultimate Guide


Golem, the most expensive unit in the game and also the highest tank in the game.

Placing this rock in the back of your king tower usually means that the other player will push the other lane. As an 8 elixir slow card, this card is definitely a card that is hard to use by some player.

And I’m here going to show you guys how to play this card as a winning condition to win you the game and not as a card that will lose you the game.

Clash Royale Golem

Clash Royale Golem

Clash Royale Golem

“Slow but durable, only attacks buildings. When destroyed, explosively splits into two Golemites and deals area damage!”

  • You can unlock the Golem from Arena 6.
  • The Golem is extremely powerful. He targets only buildings and ruptures into 2 Golemites upon death, also deal a small damage to all troops and buildings nearby.
Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Rarity Type
2.5 sec Slow 3 sec Melee Buildings 8 x1 Epic Troop
Level Golem HP Golem Damage Golem DPS Golem Death Damage
1 3200 195 78 195
2 3520 214 85 214
3 3872 235 94 235
4 4256 259 103 259
5 4599 270 108 271
6 5120 312 124 312
7 5544 327 130 327
8 6176 376 150 376
Level Golemite HP Golemite Damage Golemite DPS Golemite Death Damage
1 650 40 15 40
2 715 44 16 44
3 786 48 18 48
4 864 53 20 53
5 919 54 22 54
6 1004 64 24 64
7 1108 65 26 65
8 1254 77 28 77

So by basic analysis, we will think Golem as a:

  • Main tank
  • Semi damage dealer to opposing crown tower (need other troops assistance).
  • Semi splash tank.
  • Slow and expensive tank.

The reason why Golem is not played that much is mainly because Golem is an epic card that is too risky and also outclassed by Giant. Personally i think that Golem is way better than Giant, Why?

  • Not fully countered by Inferno tower.
  • His death damage is absolutely helpful for extra damage and swarm clearance.
  • More reliable for pushing because this card has the best HP per Elixir ratio tank in the game if combined with the Golemite, also don’t forgot about his death damage.

Well this is basically my opinion and you don’t have to agree with mine. I was a Giant user when i was 3400-ish and then i found that my Giant deck that doesn’t use Lightning spell is hard countered by inferno. I was desperate and changed my level 7 Giant with my underleveled lvl 2 Golem. Guess what? It works way more than i expected and since that day i started to become a huge Golem fan.

To make a deck with Golem works you absolutely never place him in the back as a starting card because it is asking to be punished by a lot ( you will either defend the incoming enemy push or support your Golem in the back ).

The best partner with Golem in every Golem deck usually is either an Elixir collector or furnace. By having one of these two cards, you can play passively and make a positive Elixir trade in your side of arena. By doing that continuously until double Elixir time, you can start a huge push that cost way more than your opponent Elixir and win the game. Sounds easy right? Yeah, you just need to be patient.

Every deck has 8 slots for your card to fill. For a full beatdown deck, this slots are for:

  1. Winning Condition ( your tank mostly)
  2. Winning condition support. (your tank best friend for winning the game)
  3. Main DPS card. (your main anti-tank troops)
  4. Main splash troops/ spells. (your anti-swarm card)
  5. Cheap cycle/ Spells. (your cheap support troop/ secondary spell)
  6. Main spells. (mostly zap because this is a tank deck)
  7. Positive Elixir trade maker (Cheap troop/spell/ passive building to make + Elixir)
  8. Cheap/Support troop/ building. (Can be your last support/distraction/building)

So based on all of this slots and its roles, My deck would be like this:

  1. Golem
  2. Lumberjack
  3. Mega minion
  4. Wizard
  5. Tornado
  6. Zap
  7. Elixir collector
  8. Ice Golem

Let’s apply this slotting technique into the last trending beatdown deck on TV Royale!`

Giant Giant P.E.K.K.A Lava Hound
Graveyard Prince Battle Ram Balloon
Mega Minion Musketeer Dart Goblin Mega Minion
Bowler Poison Baby Dragon Arrow
Fireball Ice Spirit Fire Spirit Minion
Zap Zap Lightning Lightning
Tombstone Elixir Collector Log Tombstone
Musketeer Guard Skeleton Skeleton Army

Well this slotting technique doesn’t work at all times, but every beatdown deck that suits with this slot usually have a good deck composition.

After you have your own nice Golem deck, you can start by learning what is the job of each card in your deck and ask this question to yourself!

  • What is my main positive Elixir trade producer?
  • How can i do to make that positive Elixir trade at early minutes?
  • Is the troop on my deck synergizes each other well?
  • How can my deck deal with Swarm decks, Elite Barbarians, tanks, Miner/Hog, Spawner/Siege?

If your deck cannot answer some of those, it is okay because every deck has its own certain weaknesses and even my own deck cannot answer one of those question. I recommend that if your deck can make positive Elixir trade by pumping, your deck also need to be good at defending against a lot of threat otherwise it is hard to keep your deck always pumping.

If you have your own Golem deck, you can try it on challenge first.

clash royale golem 2

Know your deck first

What makes Golem deck different from Giant deck? A Golem deck support troops usually is cheaper than Giant deck but Golem deck support troops can focus on full damage troops while Giant deck usually needs a secondary mini tank and you usually needs 3 support troops and it is usually the main DPS, anti-air and splash.

The Golem is also a little bit different from the Giant at dealing with towers. Giant DPS is way better than Golem so a Golem needs assistance from the backline troops to help him destroy the tower. Before that actually happens, the opponent will counter your troops with their troops/ spells. That’s why you need to spread your support troops that will confuse the opponents. Example : Executioner on the back providing a splash damage, Lumberjack to support the Golem, and mega minion to kill their support troops.

When to Push

1 main thing every Golem players need know is when to push and when not to push with your Golem. There is no point supporting your Golem with your wizard if their inferno tower is locking onto your Golem. Try to make a push when you are sure you have a lot of Elixir to support your Golem, otherwise it will just be another fail push that wont win you the game.

Be patience and make Elixir advantage first. Defend your arena while waiting for the double Elixir time and start placing your Golem in the back if 1 minute mark has started. I have a lot of time when my 1 single push gets 1-0 against the enemy and the enemy couldn’t defend it anymore thus winning the game for me a 3 crown star.

Card Matchups

Here i am going to tell you how to respond against other card with your Golem.

Elite Barbarians

One of the hardest counter to Golem. Play your Golem on the back and your enemy will rush your tower with that Ferrari Barbarians.

The best bet to win against card like this is placing your Golem at the middle of your arena. This way if they approach you with Elite Barbarians, the Elite Barbarians will just get distracted by your Golem and won’t reach the tower.

Or you could try my own way to win against this card. I will place my Golem on the back. If they immediately counter it with rushing Elite Barbarians, I will ignore it. Yes, ignore it and prepare for 3 CROWN PUSHHH. Just make sure you know you have decent Elixir advantage against their deck and your troops isn’t completely countered by one of their cards/ combos. This is why Golem players usually have a lot more three crown wins than another archetype players.

Royal Giant

Same like Elite Barbarians, defend it with few Elixir as possible and if you lose a tower early on, try to make a comeback at 1-minute mark. If they place the Royal Giant in the middle while you place the Golem, defend it with your long ranged troops and make sure the troops will support the Golem if they have done defending.

This matchup is quite normal in ladder match so you must learn from time to time against a Royal Giant deck.

Giant Beatdown

Almost the same as Golem deck but this tank is more favorite by other players simply because this card is a rare and not as risky as Golem.

Golem players advantage against a Giant deck is that Golem player has slower deploy time than Giant. So by the time their Giant reach the bridge, our Golem hasn’t even reach the bridge yet making our arena tower kill the Giant easily while their Giant support troop is busy killing your Golems.

One thing to always keep in mind is against the same deck archetype opponent. Don’t let they have more Elixir than you do. Because if they do, you will be the one to get beatdown-ed


Against an annoying control/chip deck like this. You will need to defend until double Elixir time and make a comeback. If their hog have a freeze spell, just sacrifice your tower (yes, sacrifice for better goods) and make an awesome comeback.

NEVER Sacrifice your tower on double Elixir time because by the time they take your tower and you just started to make a comeback push. The game is likely to be ended soon. Always use your time wisely and don’t be that guy who always make positive Elixir trade but doesn’t have enough time to make a good push.

Lava Hound

Pretty much the same as Giant decks, distract their support with your Golem and kill the Lava Hound with your support. You can also try to make another lane push because Lava Hound deck usually have not that much firepower.

Triple Musketeer

One of the Golem hardest matchup. Distracting your Golem with 3 Musketeers will not going to work and you will just give a lot of Elixir to them. Try to kill their Musketeer with your spell if you can and battle the remaining one with your full deck.

Watchout for triple Musketeer deck that is also a fireball/rocket/lightning bait deck. If they succeed to waste your spell on something else, their triple Musketeer will go wild and lose you the game.