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Draft Chest – Choose Your Own Rewards!


Draft Chest is the new Clash Royale chest which contains tons of cards and gold.

The most interesting part of this chest is that you can choose your desired reward between the two offers.

clash royale draft chest

Clash Royale Draft Chest

How to get Draft Chest?

In order to receive the Draft Chest, you have to be in a League. The lowest League is Challenge I, which unlocks at 4,000 Trophies. The highest League is Ultimate Champion League at 6400 Trophies!

challenger I challenger II challenger III Master I Master II Master III Champion Grand Champion Ultimate Champion

When the season resets, you will get dropped down to certain thresholds. To read more about the new League system, please take a look at here.

Chest Rewards

League Trophies Required  Gold Cards Guaranteed Cards
challenger I Challenger I 4000 1919-2121 101 10 Epics + 50 Rares
challenger II Challenger II 4300 2869-3171 171 15 Epics + 75 Rares
challenger III Challenger III 4600 3819-4211 201 20 Epics + 100 Rares
Master I Master I 4900 4769-5271 251 25 Epics + 125 Rares
Master II Master II 5200 5719-6321 301 30 Epics + 150 Rares
Master III Master III 5500 6669-7371 351 35 Epics + 175 Rares
Champion Champion 5800 7618-8421 401 40 Epics + 200 Rares
Grand Champion Grand Champion 6100 8569-9471 451 45 Epics + 255 Rares
Ultimate Champion Ultimate Champion 6400 9519-10521 501 50 Epics + 250 Rares

Update: And here are Legendary Drop Rates (thanks Asdamp for sharing this!)

Draft Chest Legendary Droprate
Challenger I 29.20%
Challenger II 43.70%
Challenger III 58.10%
Master I 72.60%
Master II 87.10%
Master III 100.00%
Champion I 100.00%
Champion II 100.00%
Champion III 100.00%

Clash Royale Chest Open by Chief Pat

Are you going to get this chest?

Clash Royale Leagues – Basic Information


Today, Supercell has given us some basic information for the new Clash Royale Leagues feature which are going to be added into the game in the upcoming huge update!

Let’s take a closer look to see how the Leagues system works!

Clash Royale Leagues
Clash Royale Leagues

Clash Royale Leagues

How the Leagues system works

Above Legendary Arena are Leagues. It’s still Legendary Area and still offers the same size chest. The new Arena 11 chests offer 8% more cards compared to the lower Arena.

challenger I Challenger I: 4000 Trophies

challenger II Challenger II: 4300 Trophies

challenger III  Challenger III: 4600 Trophies.

Master I Master I: 4900 Trophies.

Master II Master II: 5200 Trophies.

Master III Master III: 5500 Trophies

Champion Champion: 5800 trophies

Grand Champion Grand Champion: 6100 Trophies.

Ultimate Champion Ultimate Champion: 6400 Trophies.

Each season now resets every 1 month instead of 2 weeks as before.

The resets are more balanced now.

For example, If you are in Challenger leagues, when the season resets, you will get down to 4000 Trophies. If you are in Master leagues, when the season resets, you will get down to 4300 Trophies. Higher, you will get reset to 4600 Trophies!

So, there are 3 thresholds here:

  • Challenger’s League Trophy Reset: 4,000 Trophies.
  • Master’s League Trophy Reset: 4,300 Trophies.
  • Champion League’s Trophy Reset: 4,600 Trophies!

The new Draft Chest in Clash Royale

Challenger I unlocks at 4000 Trophies. If you get there, you will get 1 Draft Chest when the season resets!

The awesome thing about this chest is you can even pick the one you want between two cards, as you can see here!

clash royale draft chest
clash royale draft chest

Once you reached a certain League,  you will lock into that chest regardless of how far you drop.

For example, once you reached Ultimate Champion at 6400 Trophies then drop to 4300 Trophies, you still get the Ultimate Champion Chest when the season resets.

Watch Yarn’s video for more information:

Clash Royale Free Gems – Get 500 Gems Every Week!

Clash Royale Free Gems

I have noticed that lots of players are looking for decent ways to get Clash Royale Free Gems beside opening chests and completing achievements!

That’s why today, I am going to show you the easiest way to get those Gems for literally free. This is 100% legit and people have been doing this for years now so you can trust me. Also, the method I am going to show you doesn’t require anything relating to your account information so don’t worry about anything!

Clash Royale Free Gems

How to get Clash Royale Free Gems

Of course it is not that easy like “enter your Clash Royale username and get Gems” as you usually see (trust me, they never work). I am going to show you how to get real money with your devices and then you can use that money to buy Gems, Google Play Giftcard, iTunes Giftcard or whatever you want. The more devices and time you have, the move money you can get, of course. It is using FreeMyApps. Simply tap on the icon below to download application FreeMyApps on your device:

  • For iOS users, FreeMyApps only works on Safari so you will want to open the link above on Safari.
  • For Android users, after opening the link above, it will redirect you automatically to the Google Play page of FreeMyApps. You can download this application there.

Note: If you are using Apple device, there will be an install profile page showing up and asking you to install a profile for this app. Simply tap on Install!


Let’s open FreeMyApps!

If asked, enter this code a4cf289a in order to get 200 points for free ~ $0.6 (3000 points = $10).

Your FreeMyApp homepage should be like this:


As you can see, there is a list of apps there for you to download. Each app gives you a decent number of point. For example, in the screenshot above, Into The Circle gives me 50 Points and Race Day gives me 40 Points once I have completed the jobs (installing them).

Okay, let’s try to download the first app! Simply tap on it then tap on the yellow button Download! (Fun fact: Sometimes, you can even download stunning premium apps for free from here).


After tapping on the yellow button, you will be redirected to the download page (GooglePlay/AppStore) immediately:


After downloading, you should open that application for at least 1 minute so the system can track down that you have done the job properly. Sometimes, it takes up to 30 minutes before you can see your earned points so just be patient!

After finishing 2 jobs, I have earned 112 points. I can trade 3000 points for the $10 Giftcard very soon and get 1,200 Gems in Clash Royale! You absolutely can get at least $5 every week by spending a few minutes everyday to download these apps, especially If you are from the U.S, where is always offered lots of apps.



You should also tap on “Sign Up for Alerts”, the app will send you notifications when there are high-points apps available to download.

Once you have a decent number of points, tap on Redeem and choose reward you want to earn. There are tons of stuffs here: iTunes Giftcards, Google Play Giftcards, Amazon Giftcards, Steam Giftcards,…

How to get more apps to download?

You will easily notice that after finishing all available jobs, it will take a few days to show up new apps. Don’t worry, I am going to show you how to get more apps to download and after following this, most of the time, you will have enough points to get at least $5 stuffs!

First, you need to download HotspotVPN for free at here:

android ios

After downloading, you can easily see it on your device homescreen, as always:


Simply tap on it to open. If it asks you to install the app profile, just install it as we did before with FreeMyApps! The homescreen of your HotspotShield VPN should be like this:


The way this program works is to change your IP address to a different country, FreeMyApps will misunderstand that you are from that country and give you exclusive applications of that country. There are loads of countries you can use as you can easily see in the screenshot above. Once it’s out of available apps to download, you can swap to the another.

Similar Apps to get Giftcards

There are also loads of similar apps for you to get free Giftcards. I did use so many apps before but most of them aren’t worth using at the moment.

But, there is still bright name, it is Feature Point.

The way Feature Point works is exactly similar to FreeMyApps.

You can download and use Feature Point at here. When the app asks you for the referral code, enter XXZ9YD to get 50 free points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seriously? Is this possible? Earn money after downloading apps?

Yes, that’s right. Companies, which created these apps, pay people for downloading their apps (so they can get better ranks in App Stores or can find potential users). FreeMyApps is the third-party company that gives us money and give those companies downloads.


Okay guys so that’s everything I want to share with you to get Clash Royale free Gems. Please, just don’t hesitate to comment and ask me anything you want! I will be always here and do my best to help you!

4 New Cards: Bandit, Night Witch, Bats and Heal Spell


We are going to have 4 new cards in the upcoming Clash Royale March Update! This is the very big anniversary update with a lot of new stuffs.

This is Ash (YouTube) and today I’ll be sharing a special sneak peek preview of the upcoming Clash Royale update. Featuring four amazing new cards! Let’s go over them and analyze them and then I’ll show you guys some gameplay of the Bandit in action!

clash royale new cards

4 New Clash Royale Cards – Bandit, Night Witch, Bats and Heal

The Bandit will be released on March 24th, but we’re also getting a Bandi Draft Challenge which will start next week, Friday the 17th. This is the same as a normal Draft Challenge, but either you or your opponent will be given the Bandit to use. As you progress, you can obtain one time rewards.

At 2 wins, you’ll obtain 100 gems, 4 wins you’ll get 8000 gold, 6 wins a Magical Chest, 9 wins 25,000 gold, and at 12 wins you’ll obtain the Legendary Bandit.

Also, the Crowns you get from this Challenge will be added to your Clan Chest and your own Crown Chest!

Clash Royale Bandit Draft Challenge

So let’s look over these four new cards!

Clash Royale Bandit


First, the Bandit is a 3 Elixir card. She’s a melee attacker, meaning she will only target one unit at a time. She has a decent 160 damage per second at Level 1, but also has an awesome special ability.

She can dash, with a range of 4 to 6 tiles. What this means is that if there’s an unit 4 to 6 tiles away, then she will immediately pick up speed and charge right onto it, dealing double the damage.

Clash Royale Bats


Next we have the 2 Elixir Bats. And I feel like this is going to be an overpowered card!

For the cost of only 2 Elixir, you can summon 4 of these. They’re a much cheaper alternative to the Minion Horde. I like to think of them as flying Skeletons. They have the same HP and damage as Skeletons, but can fly.

Their flying ability gives them a big advantage, as they would make for an excellent cheap distraction to the Inferno Tower. Not only that, they are impervious to The Log as they can fly, which also makes them an excellent Zap bait for only 2 Elixir.

Clash Royale Night Witch

Night Witch

Next we have the Night Witch. She’s another very interesting troop, only costs 4 Elixir, and has 85 more HP than a normal Witch.

She summons Bats, while the Witch summons Skeletons. While she’s a melee attacker, but the Witch is a splash attacker. Not only that, her Spawn Speed is 5 seconds, while the Witch’s spawn speed is 7.5 seconds. And of course Bats are better than Skeletons as they can fly and distract better.

The Night Witch not only looks like a better version of the normal Witch, but also seems pretty overpowered, costing 4 Elixir.

clash royale heal spell

Heal Spell

Lastly, we have the Heal Spell!

If you played Clash of Clans, then you would know how great the Heal Spell is.

At Level 7, the Heal Spell can heal 176 HP per second for 3 seconds. So in total, it can heal 528 Hit Points.

It has a very large 3 tile radius.

It’s hard to say how good this card will be, considering that this is the first time we’re getting a card that can heal troops.

Looking at it, I feel like its 3 Elixir cost a little expensive. The Rage Spell once used to cost 3 Elixir, but very few people used it because it was too risky for that much Elixir, especially since it takes up one of your card slots, and especially since it’s a spell card. You can’t have too many spell cards in a deck.


A screenshot of the 4 new cards got leaked!

new cards leaked

Screenshots and GIF shared by Yarn from OJ!


Bomber – The Comprehensive Guide


As requested, this is going to be the heavy requested Bomber Guide for you guys! This is probably one of the most underrated cards in Clash Royale!

Hopefully after reading this small guide, you guys will give him a try in your anti-meta deck.

Clash Royale Bomber
Clash Royale Bomber

Clash Royale Bomber

Bomber, one of the most “okay” card throughout the entire game.


Players have the Bomber from your very first battle in Clash Royale.

He is fragile but everything we need is his huge splash-damage. He is one of the best clearer of the way for tanker like Giant, P.E.K.K.A etc. Just be wary because be can’t hit air units

Comparing to Wizard, Bomber can do whatever Wizard can, with better arena splash size, except he can’t target air units.

… But since Wizard is not being used a lot, why would people use the Bomber? Good question! It’s because of the Elixir cost. Clash Royale is all about Elixir trades and Bomber is absolutely full of them. He offers tons of value for only 3 Elixir.

With the Tower’s help, Bomber can take out all of the Barbarians without a scratch. He is also insane against Goblin Gang, which is going to be released soon in just a few weeks.

Hit speed Movement Speed Deploy time Range Target Elixir Cost Count Rarity
1.9 Medium 1 second 4.5 Ground 3 x1 Common

He is a cheap splash support. He makes up in sheer ground battle control but be loses in lack of air targeting.

Due to his damage and damage radius, he is deadly against Goblins, Barbarians or whatever. They will be all killed in the blink of an eye without asking a single question. Unless he is locked on something else already, like the Tower, which would be probably one of the worst case since you would loose a 12th of your Tower every 2 seconds.

A protected Bomber is deadly If the opponent doesn’t have any air protection to take him out.

Also, make sure your placement won’t force him to re-target. Otherwise, your Bomber killers will be removed immediately unless they have less than 271HP.

Level HP Damage DPS
1 147 128 67
2 161 140 73
3 177 154 81
4 195 170 89
5 214 186 97
6 235 204 107
7 258 225 118
8 283 247 130
9 311 271 142
10 342 298 156
11 376 327 172
12 413 359 188
13 454 395 207
  • 15/12/2016: Damage increased by 4%.
  • 19/9/2016: Damage increased by 2%, HP decreased by 2%.
  • 4/7/2016: Damage increased by 9%.
  • 18/5/2016: damage increased by 10%.
  • On 2/2/16, this card get increased its hit speed to 1.9 sec (from 2 sec).


Bomber Vs. Meta Cards

Skeleton Army: This is the big one. Since its most recent change, Skeleton Army has gained tons of popularity. But, Bomber can wipe out them all with just 2 hits. Even somehow the Bomber gets killed after doing 1 hit, the Skeleton Army will be also very useless. Bomber can easily counter the Skeleton Army for an equal trade, being ready for the counterpush right after that.

Elite Barbarians: Bomber can deal damage to both Elite Barbarians with pretty much the same DPS. With a distraction like the Ice Golem soaking damage for the Bomber, you can easily get the positive Elixir trade.

Archers: Archers should be still called the meta card. An equal level Bomber can easily 1-shot Archers. If the Archers are badly placed on defense, your Bomber can also hit the Tower nearby.

Ice Golem: Bomber kills Ice Golem in 4 hits while also dealing damage to all troops right behind the Ice Golem. Tornado + Bomber is one of my favorite combos for dealing with Ice Golem + Elite Barbarians.

On defense

The Bomber is very good on defense. Most cheap spells in Clash Royale can’t kill him. He is invulnerable to Arrows, The Log and Zap (of course). Poison can kill him but luckily we don’t see many of Poison decks at the moment.

If your Bomber counters your opponent well, don’t keep placing him in the same spot because your opponent would wise up and use Fireball to damage him and your Tower.

Bomber Rules:

  1. Use Bomber to defend cards he is strong against. He is not a tank killer so don’t try to use him to take out a Golem. He can’t solo kill Wizard, Musketeer,… Use him to take out Skeleton Army, Barbarians, Goblins etc.
  2. He can shine in almost any push. Don’t be afraid to make use of him after a successful defense. He is such an insane glass-cannon. When left alone, he still can mess up a Tower. Even a supporting Ice Spirit can help him do 2 more hits on the Tower, which is 542 more damage. He plays a huge role in beatdown decks. He blows away cheap support cards like Goblins, Guards etc.
  3. Fear the air units. He doesn’t target air units. A single Mega Minion can shut down your mini-Bomber push entirely.
  4. Change it up. This should go for every troop which is killed by Fireball. Don’t place your Bomber in the same spot over and over again.

In Conclusion

Bomber is a squishy but powerful card which has a lot of potential in the current meta.

That’s awesome If you can give this little skeleton a try! He is a very good choice for almost any anti-Meta deck at the moment!

Shared by Dyson

Miner Control/Bait Deck – 4.6k Trophies


What is up guys, Corrosive Logic, here again with another deck guide!

A few days ago I made a guide of a Goblin Barrel rocket deck, very similar to this one. This Miner Fireball variation has worked a lot better for me in ladder and overall is better for the casual player, but if you are looking to play challenges or tournaments I would stick to the Goblin Barrel rocket variation.

The other difference in the decks is that I carry the Ice Spirit in this one, as playing in ladder Ice Spirit is a lot better against the Royal Giant and it also helps the Miner do chip damage on offense.

I also made a video on the deck, where I play a lvl 13 Royal Giant and show you how I beat it, so check it out below!

miner bait deck

Clash Royale Miner
Clash Royale Miner
Clash Royale Princess
Clash Royale Princess
Clash Royale The Long
Clash Royale The Long
Clash Royale Knight
Clash Royale Knight
Clash Royale Inferno Tower
Clash Royale Inferno Tower
Clash Royale Skeleton Army
Clash Royale Skeleton Army
Clash Royale Ice Spirit
Clash Royale Ice Spirit
Clash Royale fireball
Clash Royale fireball



So those are the exact card levels I used to reach 4635 trophies (11/8/4/1.25), my new career high. Nothing spectacular, but my card levels are pretty much lower than the majority of players at that trophy range.

Miner Control/Bait Deck That Helped Me Push To 4600 Trophies

Card Replacements:

I know not all of you are going to have Legendaries so I’ll tell you the 2 card replacements you could make. Keep in mind that this deck might not be as effective if you change it up.

Princess – Can be replaced with Dart Goblin

Log – Can be replaced with the Zap


The deck’s main win condition is the Miner. Since the deck has no Goblin Barrel, the only bait is the Princess, Skeleton Army, and the Inferno, which is still a really strong defensive combination.

I’ve tried using the rocket instead of the Fireball, both have their pros and cons against different decks, but overall I prefer the Fireball in this one.


Offense in this deck is really simple. In general, players in ladder are usually less skillful than challenge or tournament players, because of this, there are a lot more chances for counter pushes. The Knight left alone on the tower does a surprisingly large amount of damage, often times when a Knight or Skeleton Army are about to cross the river after defending, I throw my Miner at the bridge. Even a few Skeletons will deal tons of damage if the Miner is tanking for them.

You really do need to change your Miner placement every time. Use every corner, every side of the crown tower that you can think of. Just be careful that you don’t place your Miner in the spot where 2 crown towers can lock onto it. Once if you’ve chipped with your Miner enough times, you’ve now got a good idea of your opponent’s deck, and you can start sending in the prediction Fireballs after your Miner to kill whatever they use to try and counter it. I always suggest that you don’t Fireball immediately after, as your opponent could see the Fireball coming before they place a troop, so I would suggest you use it a split second afterwards.

Depending on the amount of times they ignore your Miner, it usually won’t do a lot of damage. So don’t be surprised if a lot of games end in a draw, actually I encourage you to end games in a draw. Sometimes that might be a minute left in the game and you didn’t manage to do a lot of damage, don’t try and rush them or over expend, continue playing defense and play for a draw. You can’t win every game in ladder, you’ve got to draw if you want to climb higher. So right now, I guess we can start talking about defense.


Royal Giant and Giant are the most popular decks that you’ll face in ladder, followed by the Hog and Lavahound. So these are the matchups that I will go through below.


First of all, you’ve got your Inferno tower for the Lavahound, then play the Princess on the other side of the map. Be ready for the Miner with your Skeleton Army or Knight. Remember you’ve got Fireball for grouped up troops, specially Minions, Minion Horde, and pups. Sometimes they will Log your Princess so when their hound pops it might be necessary to use your Knight or Skeleton Army to tank the Lava pup shots. If you can, try and cycle back to your Princess as soon as possible.

If they play the Lavahound on the opposite side of the side you are pushing on, then use the Miner + another troop on their crown tower. The other troop maybe the Ice Spirit, Knight, or Skeleton Army, depending on the situation. Basically you need your opponent to expend elixir in countering your push, otherwise a fully charged Lavahound push is just too strong.

Giant Beatdown:

Of course you have to rely on the Inferno tower again. If they are playing Minions/Musketeer/Electro Wizard then you will have to play your Inferno tower 4 tiles from the river, on the side that their push is coming from. Use the Knight and Skeleton Army to kill their support troops. If they have Zap, they’re going to have to choose between the Skeleton Army or Inferno tower. If they have Lightning, then you will have to play the Inferno beside the bridge and one tile towards the other crown tower in order to avoid a Lightning on both your tower and the Inferno.

Generally, same as against Lavahounds, send the Miner in on the crown tower you are targeting if it’s in the opposite lane. However, against Giant decks you can only chip with the Miner, or Miner Ice Spirit, because you need the Skeleton Army and Knight for defense.

Royal Giant:

These can be very tricky to defend against. Your first line of defense is the Inferno. Play it just as the RG crosses the bridge so that your crown tower can also target it. Remember that 99% of RG decks are going to have Minions, so vary your Inferno placement in order to give their Minions a harder time. If they are using any half decent amount of troops to back the RG you pretty much need to play the Princess on the other side, and use the Ice Spirit to buy you time. More than likely they are also going to be able to Zap the Inferno so in that case play the Skeleton Army so that they have to choose between the two.

Hog Decks:

The Inferno by itself is a brilliant counter to the Hog. Hog + Zap or Hog + Ice Spirit pushes can usually be countered by the Inferno. Eventually a Hog player will either have to do something about your Inferno. They can try and out cycle it, so you just have to cycle offensively very quickly too! They can just prediction Fireball your Inferno with troops protecting the Hog, in these cases you just have to invest a lot of troops to defend it.

Skeleton Army is a great counter to the Hog, if you’re playing a good player then they will very likely try and prediction Log your Skeleton Army. Being aware of this you have to either change the Skeleton Army placement or play it late, after their Log. Ice Spirit paired with any defense also works very well with the Hog.


Overall it’s an amazing, fun deck for playing on ladder! Just remember patience is the key, just keep defending and wait for openings. When I first picked up this deck I lost a few games because I would always over extend on offensive, go for draws as they are easier to pull off on ladder!

As always, I would very much appreciate it if you could subscribe to my Youtube channel, as it encourages me to continue putting time and effort into these guides!

Thank you.

Clash Royale March 13th Balance Update


As always, Supercell is releasing a new balance change update on this March 13th. This time, we are going to have a few card tweaks for the consistency of life improvements in Clash Royale!

march balance update

Clash Royale March 13th Balance Update

Executioner: Axe hit radius increased by 10%; New Card Image!

Supercell is giving back his original axe hit radius after reducing it by 10% in the last update.

It is now a lot easier to surround and counter him with Skeletons. The Executioner is not as effective as before against Graveyard.

Also, Executioner’s stun effect (bug) was removed. This changes a lot of interactions in the game!

Btw, the new Executioner’s avatar is so cool!

The Log: Damage reduced by 4%; Range decreased from 11.6 tiles to 11.1 tiles

Although The Log gets a slight nerf, it is still able to one-shot Princess, Dart Goblins etc. There isn’t any direct interaction change.

You are still able to kill a Princess placed in front of the King’s Tower however you won’t hit the Arena Tower If you place the Log 3 tiles from the river.

Arrows: Now travel 33% faster

You now can kill Minion Horde a lot faster, giving your Giant, Hog… some more HP to hit the Tower longer.

Clone Spell: No longer resets charging troops (Sparky, Princes, Battle Ram, etc.)

Great change! Hopefully people will use the Clone Spell a lot more after this update!

But please note that the Clones will start charging from scratch.

Lumberjack: Rage Duration + 1.5s (+0.5s/level)

This change definitely gives Lumberjack a great boost!

Level 1 Lumberjack now drops Level 4 Epic Spell. Level 5 Lumberjack now drops Level 8 Epic Spell.

Bomb Tower: Projectile speed +66%

The bomb now hits a lot faster, making the Bomb Tower a more reliable defensive building!

Fast units like Goblins will no longer escape the first bomb!

Electro Wizard: No longer permanently stuns

Remember this? It is now fixed! Electro Wizard now no longer stuns troops permanently


Tornado: Now can be placed on top of buildings

Of course Tornado still can’t do any damage to buildings but this definitely gives you a lot more options while using Tornado!

Watch more in Yarn’s video:

Do you like this balance update?

Clash Royale Electro Wizard – Basic Information and Tips

Clash Royale Electro Wizard

As the Electro Wizard is going to be released in Clash Royale very soon, Clash.World decided to make this page, where you can find all of the basic information relating to this new card!

Clash Royale Electro Wizard

Clash Royale Electro Wizard


  1. The Electro Wizard is unlockable from Arena 7 (Royal Arena).
  2. He costs 4 Elixir to deploy.
  3. He casts a Zap spell to the ground when spawned, dealing damage and stun everything nearby for 0.5s (just like the Zap spell).
  4. When attacks, he can hit up to 2 targets and deals minor damage. He doesn’t deal splash damage.
  5. Everything single shot he does has 0.5s stun.
Cost Hit Speed Stun Duration Speed Deploy Time Range Target Rarity
4 1.8 sec 0.5 sec Fast 1 sec 5 Air & Ground Legendary
Level Hitpoints Damage Spawn Damage Damage per second
1 590 96 x2 159 53 x2
2 649 105 x2 174 58 x2
3 713 116 x2 192 64 x2
4 784 127 x2 210 70 x2
5 861 140 x2 231 77 x2
  • 23/1/17,  decreased the Electro Wizard’s spawn damage by 6%, health was increased by 9%.
  • 13/3/17, tremoved his ability to permanently stun enemy troops.
  • 19/4/17, decreased his hit speed to 1.8 sec (from 1.7 sec).
  • 11/8/17, decreased his hitpoints by 2%.
  • 9/10/17, decreased his damage by 4% and delayed his first attack by 0.2 seconds.



  • Electro Wizard level 1 needs 2 hits to take out Minion Level 10. His spawn damage also can’t 1 hit Goblins level 9.
  • After taking out 1 or 2 Tower of your opponent, deploy him onto the Inferno Tower while it is shredding through your tank to reset it.
  • With the DPS of 117 and only 550 HP, he can’t do much damage to the Tower when left alone.
  • He is vulnerable to Fireball. Don’t place him too close to other support troops behind your tank like Wizard, Witch or Musketeer.


What do you think about the Electro Wizard guys? Please share your opinions!

Basic Guide to Releasing your Inner Voice – Improve your Psyhical Abilities!


Hello fellow psychologists, Norbysweg here! Yes, you read that title correctly, this guide is not going to be about a deck, not about a card, not about an update, it’s going to be about you. Your Inner Voice to be exact. I believe this is the only guide on this site of this kind, and I strongly believe that you’ll walk away with your hopes up and ready to go into battle. I’ll try my best to explain this deep subject as carefully as I can, do you want to have a better contact with yourself and control every move? – Keep reading!

Basic Guide to Releasing your Inner Voice - Improve your Psyhical Abilities!
Basic Guide to Releasing your Inner Voice – Improve your Psyhical Abilities!

How to release your Inner Voice

  • To release your Inner Voice, you got to understand what it is first, what it takes to learn it, what it can offer, and how can you use it. Did it happen when you were concentrating on something, like for example: You’re playing a chess match with somebody and he makes a move. You ask yourself: “What does he want to do? How can I answer that? Does he plan something big?” You see, that’s the Inner Voice you need in Clash Royale! I’m here to teach you how to use it in every match! After a time, it will become naturally implemented in your mind.
  • There is no special key to magically releasing this unbelievable force. It’s inside every single one of you. The only thing you gotta do is talking to yourself like talking to your body. This means your Inner Voice should talk like when you help a friend. You say for example: “Don’t do that, he has his Zap in hand”, or “Don’t attack now, he is planning to counterpush. This is the true force most players don’t even know about. If you manage to talk to yourself like that, you’ll be rewarded with success in lots of domains.

How to Train your Inner Voice

Ok, so you learnt about it, you know what you should do, but how do you remember to use it in every battle and how do you get to ask the right question and think faster? These are a few ways that involve your Inner Voice outside of the game and help you process the information faster.

  • Watch Police and Criminal type Serials – This slightly relaxing drill helps you interact with your Inner Voice a lot better. Think about it for a little: you’re watching an interrogation, ask yourself: “Could this be the killer?” “Does he have a motive for it?” “How is he related to the victim?” “What’s he planning?”. Interaction like this between games, plus a little time for yourself should really help a lot.
  • Play other games – For example me and my friend play Unturned on a regular basis. Most of the time, we run into players and need to kill them (friendly players are a rarity lol). It happens very rarely to kill players reactively, so a PVP session lasts about 5 minutes. Me with my friend, we always gotta think fast. We run, we stay and fight, we flank them, we distract them, we exit the game for now, we change weapons, we get closer, we try to speak to them, it’s always a tough choice. Playing other games will help you understand your opponents better, evolve your rational thinking, and make you think outside a box a little bit. It’s always nice to play another game for fun, also Unturned is free on Steam!
  • Choose your best moments to play – This is a very common tip, but first things first, you can’t play in school in the middle of the class, you can’t play on the bus when you have bad conncection, you can’t play when you’re stressed. If you want to give the best of yourself, be in that shape. Clash Royale is becoming a very popular game, so you have to think through before you lose your trophies just like that.
  • Be a little healthier – Oh, please don’t exit this guide yet! I’m not here to make you eat all kinds of eastern flowers or some Egyptian shampoo. I’m just here to say that if you eat for example fish or broccoli once per week, you will be most likely well oxigenated and you will be a better player! If you require some more information about nutrition and lifestyle for better gaming capabilities (how to eat to be better at the game), I’ll do a guide on that too!
  • Mute emotes or ignore them – Bad Manners are a thing you see everywhere (your opponent laughing at you when you lose), so if you get easily affected by that, just mute the Emotes or ignore them. Repeat to yourself that he won because of many factors: starting hands, luck, maybe you made some mistakes too! After all, your goal is to get better not to get stressed and emotionally unstable and angry with people around you.

Best Questions you want to ask yourself while In-Game

  • What cards does he have? – One of the greatest questions, helps you recover information and try to guess his remaining cards at the same time.
  • What is his win condition? – “has he shown it yet?” “Is he planning to push?”. Try to guess his main attack card, check your counters and play accordingly.
  • How can he defend my push? – Try to imagine a scenario, remember what cards he’s shown to you, try to predict them too.
  • What is he trying to do? – More of an advanced question, if you know a part of this deck, you might actually guess all his plans!

Decks that improve your Inner Voice

  • Zap Bait – You always need to keep track of your opponent’s counters, pay attention to every little detail, know when to push, put yourself in his position. This deck requires an advanced Inner Voice.
  • Hog Rider Chip – One of the oldest win conditions, a card that is very powerful, but manageable by your opponent. You have to look in advance, try to predict his buildings, bait them or everything you need to get that Hog to his tower. Medium Inner Voice required.
  • Graveyard Decks – “Does he have his counter in hand? How can I destroy that? Is he expecting a push from me?” – Pretty self explanatory, a Graveyard can be manageable if there’s not that huge push coming down along with it, so you have to expect the Minions or Archers, otherwise your Graveyard is rekt. Medium Inner Voice here too.

Common Mistakes when using your Inner Voice

  • Being scared/stressed – You can’t talk or think when you’re like that. Concentration is the key for everything, calm down and think about your next move, his next move, or anything that could turn the game in your favor.
  • Not listening to it – We use the Inner Voice for a reason, you should think about the Inner Voice as a non-stressed version of yourself, someone who knows what’s best.
  • Not being confident – Nothing is possible if you go straight in with the idea that you’re gonna lose. If you believe in yourself, you believe in your Inner Voice too. Being optimist, telling yourself in the middle of the match that it’s not over, trying to figure out what to do next, that’s the attitude you should have.

Well, that was it guys! Hope you understood something about this Secret Weapon we all have, and I hope you’ll use it accordingly! If you didn’t catch something, just write a comment down there and I’ll do my best to answer! Goodbye!